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What the critics say
In an extraordinarily powerful performance, [of Bach's Mass in B minor] the St Albans Bach Choir certainly did the composer's vision justice... From the first chords of the Kyrie Eleison we knew we were in for a treat. The crisp articulation of the first phrase of the five part fugue, perfectly matched by the instrumental parts, was maintained throughout the movement. The Gloria... was so exuberant that you could not fail to smile and wish you were up there yourself amongst the singers. The first half of the concert ended with the Cum Sancto Spiritu, which was sung at the fast Vivace tempo, allowing the choir to show off its dexterity and deliver semiquavers at lightning speed yet still with clarity.
Herts Advertiser July 2016

"St Albans Bach Choir has achieved an outstanding reputation over the past few years and this performance [of Bach's Christmas Oratorio] was one of its finest. Coupled with some outstanding playing from members of Sinfonia Verdi... the effect was magnificent.
In his time as conductor of the choir Andrew Lucas has achieved a steady improvement in its overall quality. It's hard to know just how he gets improvements for every successive concert but that's what he appears to do.
The quality of sound together with the musical definition and precise use of dynamics which he achieves should be taken as a standard to aim for by many other large choirs. Today the choir is tight and well-balanced - and capable of completely captivating its audience."
Herts Advertiser 21 November 2013

"Quality and excitement are two words that just about sum up the first few days of the International Organ Festival at St Albans and its Festival of Summer Music. The first major concert of the festival was staged with St Albans Bach Choir and Mosaic Chamber Choir joining forces for an outstanding performance of Elgar’s choral masterpiece The Dream of Gerontius. The members of Mosaic, singing semi-chorus parts, really stood out with quite amazing clarity and purity of sound while the Bach Choir gave a flawless performance with exquisite dynamics and tonal quality. Once more Andrew Lucas showed himself to be a complete master of his art."
Herts Advertiser 14 July 2011
"For a little under two hours on Saturday, time stood still for me during a near-perfect performance of Handel's oratorio, Israel in Egypt.
Under their music director, Andrew Lucas, members of the St Albans Bach Choir presented a quality of work which would have been inspirational to many lesser choirs.
The choir's presentation, musical definition, clarity of sound and complete togetherness throughout the entire performance left very little to be desired and they put real emphasis and meaning into the various Old Testament texts which make up the highly descriptive work... Indeed it is a huge and challenging sing for the choir but one which appeared to have been accepted with alacrity."
Herts Advertiser 10 April 2014

"Many choral works place huge demands on those who are performing them but few can be more challenging than Rachmaninov’s Vespers. This tremendous, emotionally-charged work is not only demanding as a piece of music but it has the additional mental challenge of being sung in Church Slavonic, the language of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Saturday’s performance at St Albans Abbey by the city’s Bach Choir cannot be rated highly enough. Under their conductor Andrew Lucas they presented a top-class performance of the remarkable work. In spite of language difficulties their diction and clarity was superb and there was never a problem in following the words. The musical quality of the unaccompanied work shone through with often spine-tingling effect with wonderfully controlled dynamics and magnificent interpretation by Andrew Lucas and the choir."
Herts Advertiser 29 March 2012
‘‘The Choir's presentation, musical definition,
clarity of sound and complete togetherness throughout
the entire performance
left very little to be desired’’
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